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My Portfolio

Here you will find most of my recent work for a variety of different genres. All my work displayed here is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended to infringe upon any copyright by using film/game footage/music. The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate my ability with sound design.

Film Sound Showreel

This piece was created using Pro Tools and Cubase.

All sounds are original and created, recorded and mixed by me.

Prince of Persia Gameplay

This piece was created using Cubase and Audacity.

All sounds heard (including music) were recorded and mixed by me. The music was created recording bass and guitar through audacity and then reversing the song to make it more atmospheric. I used a Focusrite 2i2 with a CM25 microphone to record all of the sounds for the game itself, including footsteps, swords, vocals, bats etc. The general ambience and water effects were recorded using a spaced pair of PVI 100s.

The guitar parts were recorded through audacity and performed by a musician who I asked to play for the piece.

The audio levels heard are compliant with the G.A.N.G. IESD Committee's standard of true peak not exceeding -1.0 dbFs.

Steam Big Picture Application

This piece was created using Pro Tools and Cubase.


I created the sounds heard and introduction music using Steinberg's Retrologue and implemented them to the footage using Pro Tools. Any mixing/automation was also completed in Pro Tools.

Iceland Television Advert

This piece was created using Cubase.


All sounds heard (excluding the music) were recorded and mixed by me. I used a zoom H5 to record sounds such as trees falling or car engines and I used a CM25 to record all of the other sounds heard. The interface used for the indoor recordings was a Focusrite 2i2. The music heard is Beerjacket - Nervous.


The audio levels are compliant with BCAP Code's rule of peak levels being less than 6 db of any programme it follows, the mix peaks at -2db which is 6db less than ITVs +4db peak level for TV programmes.

Beyond the Hill (Soundtrack)

This piece was created using Cubase and Reason.

The instrumentation heard is mix of both MIDI instruments and sound recordings which I captured. I wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire track. I used Cubase for the main composing and mixing as well as recording, however slaved Reaper to several tracks for some of the virtual instruments.

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