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Interactive Audio

This video demonstrates my work with Wwise and Unity for implementing Interactive Audio. For this piece I implemented working torches with 3D positions in the world, these sounds are constantly changing depending on the direction the character is facing in relation or the distance of the player. As well as this the lake is brought to life through sounds which cover its vastness in a realistic way. The piece of work also features a fully working day and night cycle, complete with ambient sounds for both. Each cycle features loops as well as spot sounds which vary in pitch, volume and tone by use of a randomizer. As well as seamlessly blending into one another when day turns to night or vice versa. The project also has fully working footsteps which change depending on the speed the character is travelling at as well as the surface they are walking or running on. Another feature is the reverb which can be heard in the forest cave section of the world, once entered reverb encompasses the sounds which the player emits. The player also makes a noise when he jumps to improve immersion. There is also an interactive music feature which responds to the distance of the player, the closer he gets the more instruments are introduced and the further away he gets the less. The player has to stand right in the shrine to hear the song in all it’s glory.

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